Okay, okay. I know January is technically almost over, but here are the things I'm craving right now:

  • These tanks. Here and here. So awesome. If I have these tanks I will run more, right? Isn't that how it works?
  • This rug. I mean really. So gorgeous. It would magically make my kitchen look like it's really in a MCM updated ranch house, right? Right?
  • This stupid expensive wall sconce. $180? Le sigh.
  • Ink. I'm going to be getting another tattoo this year and these watercolor flowers are calling my name. Maybe? Maybe not.
  • This wallpaper. Always. Someday I will own it in some colorway and it will be somewhere in my house.
  • Succulents! I love succulents! This is so adorable and chic and if I own it everyone will love me.

This past Sunday I went out to my coworker Windy's house and traded some quick photos for a riding lesson. I had so much freaking fun! It was so relaxing, being on the back of this powerful animal, with just my thoughts and the wind for company (and Windy of course). I could do it all day, except for my sore knees after just an hour. Now I know why real cowboys are bow-legged! I rode her horse Sunny Boy, but she also has Hawk (a distinguished older gentleman horse), Pepe (a donkey), 5 geese, 5 dogs, and 3 cats. I call it Windy's Wild World Animal Menagerie. Also, I feel the need to mention that her neighbors down the road have LIONS and TIGERS. Not even joking. Being out there was like being in another world. It was a perfect weekend getaway! Here are some of my favorites from our shoot (I have so many- Windy is gorgeous), plus a gallery of more at the end.


You can view the whole gallery by clicking the link below!



I was never a big Halloween celebrator, but since I've started buying costumes for Oliver, I just can't seem to help myself. I buy his costume first, then base mine off of his and try to make it for as cheaply (or free!) as possible. This year we went as a lion and a lion tamer and I even taught him to jump through the hoop! Check it out in the video below. We went trick-or-treating with some friends, so that's the baby you see dressed up as Max from Where the Wild Things Are. I made the jacket out of a red long-sleeved shirt from Hobby Lobby (and lots and lots of hot glue and gold sequin trim), and I already owned the rest (except the hat). I bought a hoop at WalMart for $5 and covered it in red tinsel to make it look like it was "on fire."


Halloween 2013 from Heather Lynn on href="https://vimeo.com">Vimeo.

I've been dressing him up for Halloween since I got him, but I've only dressed up with him for the last three years or so. Here are some of our past costumes! Last year:




(Picture courtesy of Krystle Gervais from my Facebook wall, haha. That was a long time ago!)